EJ Kwandibens, also known as Anikay-Keesic, is a member of the Loon Clan and is of Northern Woodland Anishiinaabe (Ojibway) of the Waahbiidaahgaah (Whitesand) First Nation community which is a part of the Robinson Superior 1850 Treaty region located 21 hours north of Toronto.

EJ has over two decades of work experience for cultural awareness development in healthy living. He has worked across many sectors such as, Educational Institutions, Correctional Services, Social Services, Child Welfare and Mental Health. He advocates the power of change through Indigenous Cultural Modalities.

The values and principles guiding his Indigenous ways of knowing and being stems from intergenerational knowledge transfer. Oral traditions form the foundation of Aboriginal societies, connecting speaker and listener in communal experience and uniting past and present in memory. The philosophy of “Miino Biimaahdizewin: Balanced Good Life” is a reclamation of the self and one’s ability to be interconnected through a holistic cultural lens.

EJ's philosophy is quite simple:

"...life is a precious gift given to us from the creator. The physical form of life is merely an instrument or a vessel that we must nurture and protect as this is our individual sacred lodge. The key is to unite the physical and spiritual aspects of the self which creates a balanced holistic self. This process requires time, patience and understanding of the unique kinship one has with the land and all its spiritual entities. It is through this reclamation of the self, true happiness and heighten consciousness manifests itself".